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Business Accelerator of the Sea - IVEAEMPA - offers you assessment on creating a corporate accelerator:

Model definition.

It will provide assessment on the definition of inspirational principles and resources. With them, the enterprises want to offer support to the projects and the possible material or immaterial business benefits to create their own singular incubation or acceleration model. In the definition of this model, also, it will keep in mind the best practices related to this area that exist and be accorded to company premises, with the objective of contrast and value the best options, and find the ideal market niche.


This return study will include the definition of the following elements:


  • Strategy.

  • Infrastructure.

  • Incubator / accelerator model.

  • Budget.

Process definition.

Its purpose will be assess to define the process that will allow the companies for detect and select innovative and interesting opportunities accorded to their principles and motivations to carry out the incubation or acceleration process. These mechanics will depend on if the opportunities are internal or external.

It will offer assessment on the process definition of:

  • Business opportunities identification.

  • Projects management.

  • Recruitment: detection and candidates attraction.

  • Selection: strategic line up, performance and potential, enterprising abilities and team directives.

  • Audit (of value, legal or financial).

  • Agreement of the strategic plan.

  • Indicators definition.

Investment strategy.

It will assess the company about venture capital mechanics related to financial model of project participation or investment (participation, costs, duration percentage) and the projects beggining.

Administration model.

It will have the objective of analyse the profile in charge of the different incubation / acceleration business processes management (he or she could be internal, external or a mix of both) and the profiles that will form the projects management team.

It will offer assessment in the processes related to:

  • Company's Technical Management implication.

  • Decisions process.

  • Incentives plan definition.

Integration in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Assessment in processes with the objective of integrate help beneficiaries companies and accelerated / incubated projects to favour the projects evolution through the access to the enterprising ecosystem and a propitious environment to the dynamics and practices comprehension and the access to the main public and private investment sources.

It will give assessment on the following aspects:

  • Coaches net

  • Startups Management Methodology.

  • Better practices.

  • Project Calls Design.

  • Communication.

Legal aspects.

Assessment to answer, from a legal perspective, the company's questions related to the configuration of its singular corporate incubator / accelerator model. It will establish the convenient agreements to regulate clearly the relation between the company and the enterprising projects, including acceleration / incubation agreements, coexistence agreements, intentions letter, confidentiality agreements and partner agreement.

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